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San Francisco and Bay Area will shelter in place to slow coronavirus spread

San Francisco and Bay Area

Peloton offers free 90-day subscription trial for its at-home workout app

Uber Eats waives delivery fees for independent restaurants during COVID-19 pandemic Uber Eats said Monday it will waive delivery fees for all orders from independently owned restaurants on the app as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and causes cities to shutter all non-essential businesses. Restaurants throughout the U.S. are facing economic headwinds as city and state officials take steps to stop the spread of COVID-19, […]

To slow coronavirus spread, EU countries and Russia join the list of countries officially closing their borders to all but essential travel One of the defining characteristics of the European Union has been its strong policy of taking an open approach when it comes to borders in the region: the EU may be a collection of individual countries, but it works as one, and so when you travel from one to the other as an EU citizen, […]

Bay Area counties announce lockdown through April 7 Six Bay Area Counties — San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda — announced a “shelter in place” order. The lockdown, unveiled at a press conference earlier, starts at 12:01 AM Tuesday. It’s not a full lockdown, but it’s quite sweeping and strict nonetheless, as North California attempts to curb the […]

How Uber, Lyft, Seamless and more are addressing taxed gig economy workers The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is going to prove a major test of the gig economy. Already an ever-increasingly important part of our daily lives, grocery and food delivery services along with ride-hailing apps are going to play a fundamental role in helping individuals enact government-recommended social distancing. More often than not, however, these workers get […]

Here’s how Xbox Series X removable storage will work

Universal will release films currently in theaters as $20 rentals starting Friday

10 things to consider for securing your organisation while employees work remotely due to new coronavirus mandates More and more employees are starting to work remotely.

No, 5G didn't cause the coronavirus pandemic - CNET Influencers and Russia have linked the virus sweeping the globe to the new, super-fast wireless technology. They're wrong.

Coronavirus updates: Trump announces new US guidelines for the next 15 days - CNET Guidelines include avoiding gatherings of 10 people, staying home and closing bars and restaurants. Here's the latest on COVID-19.

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