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Happy birthdayyy esteemed Brother Wole! God bless youuu

Happy birthdayyy esteemed Brother Wole!

HAPPY EASTER DEAR ESTEEMED CITIZENS OF OUR GREAT NATION!!! He is not here: for he is risen, has he said...(Mathew 28:6) Joy and gladness fills the earth, Christ the King of glory has risen! Celebrate and rejoice exceedingly. Happy Easter!!!

@Gbrown Happy 😊 Birthday Ma... ☺

Was singing this song in my dream and woke up speaking in tongues!! Had to search it immediately. Thank you @therealsinach #jesus #christ #sinach #happyeaster

@georgette1 @Gbrown Happy Birthday Sis Georgette. Thank you so much for all you do for the Gospel. I love you Ma.

CE Edmonton Group delegates to The Glory of His Presence 2019. #TGOHPCAN #ceedmontongroup #ceedmonton #cewinnipeg #cevancouver

Wow! We roll the drums and crank the cymbals its my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Pastor Olufemi Ola-Jeffrey. Thank you sir, for the investments made on me and thank you for loving me and my household the way you do. I, Sharon, Kirk-Alex, TJ & RJ loves you big!

Happy birthday to an amazing, most gentle and lovely Pastor Chioma Ume. You're are rare in many ways but diligently sort for always. Your distinct character is adorable and a great inspiration. I love you loads and celebrate you Ma. The Lord has done you well surely we testify❤❤❤

Happy Birthday to my Richest Dad! You mean alot to me and my family. We love you sir

He is alive again, the stone has been rolled away. He is alive again, He's no longer where He laid, He is alive again, I can hear the angels sing, "Let all the earth rejoice, He's alive"! #EasterSuperSundaySpecial #LoveworldLiverpool #UKZone1

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