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"The Haven Sea Point & CPT CBD Centre, every Friday from 18:30 to 19:30. Contact 0823920743. Wealth, wholesome health and peace! Shalom"

wow #thepowerofyourmind #15daysofexcellence #blwunijos #blwzonei #campusministryrocks

🎤Praise the Lord🙌🏼 Let the people rejoice O come to the Father through Jesus the Son And give him the glory, great things he hath done!🎼

for you to fulfill your purpose on earth you MUST be a partner #blwghzone #kg

Ministers in West London recieve tpoym. SPREADING : and they shall say we have filled this place with our doctrine GLORRRRY #tpoym #acton

Am a labourer together with God #KG #blwghzone

Phil 4:14 giving is a ministry #blwghzone #kg

I only got this book last night(13.4.16) I thought I had renewed my mind but I'm renewing my mind over & over again & again. #cemontreal


Happy Birthday Sir. Thank you for teaching us the word and showing us Gods love. We love you dearly. Bro Solomon, Sis Ijeoma and Family.

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