Pastor Joseph Kehinde Ogbebor: Happy Birthday Dear Bro Tolu. on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Dear Bro Tolu. You are a special son of ministry. A blessing, a joy and a delight. Always very inspiring and innovative. Thank you for your awesome commitments. You will make tremendous impact in this year of Preparation. I love you

Happy Birthday Dear Bro Tolu.


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pst Zara


Happy birthday dear bro simply amazing a son of consolation. The Word is prevailing in your life, causing you to prosper in your body, finances, and every area of your life! You've been powered to bring prosperity to others; therefore, you bring forth good things always from within you because eternity is laid in your heart. You are sound, you have an excellent mind!I love you



Happy birthday Brother Tolu of the Most High God

GLOBAL Dcns Sylvie


Happy Birthday Brother Tolu. Thank you for you life. You are a burning and shining light. Let your light shine brightly in your world and bring many to the kingdom

PSO...For Glory & Excellence


Thank you dear Esteemed Pst Joseph for your prayer and love.

Tolu Olubode


Thank you so much Pastor sir. I love you

Precious Ime


Happy Birthday Tolu 😁

I'm ready, I'm excited

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Happy birthday my beloved son. God’s grace and wisdom, for the life and opportunities ahead, is lavished on you today and continually increased in you all the days of your life in Jesus name.

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#PastorChris #Powerofyourmind Ur Spirit has d capacity to control ur mind. U can decide u want to set ur mind on the things of God, and control ur spiritual senses to conform to that decision. That decision is made by ur Spirit with his instrument of d soul😊😊

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Still Celebrating our Dear Bro Leano. Happy Birthday. You are a blessing and asset to us in ministry and a man of quiet disposition. Thank you for the innovations you brought and for your commitments and dedicated service. You will do exceedingly well and make remarkable impacts in this year of Preparation I love you

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