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Nothing Can Bring Us Down!!! In times like this, our light keeps shinning in the midst of darkness. Hallelujah! #lightseverywhere #mylightshineseverywhere

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Glory to God. My Light shines everywhere

Yerima Abraham


Absolutely, nothing can bring me down in Jesus' name .

Deaconess Ayo Odionesene


Nothing can me bring me down

Olasumbo Subair


Yes, Nothing can bring Us down . 🙏

Godfred WALL


I know only 1way... Jesus way Nothing can bring me down

Happy Birthday dearest Bro Sam. Thank you for being so helpful and kind. You're always a deloght to have in ones corner. Continue walking in the Lord's blessings and glory. Congratulations

#HBDPYO #CelebratingGodsGeneral #PastorYinkaOkunusi #CEenvirons2 #CEOgba

YOU ARE SO SPECIAL - ESTEEMED PASTOR SAM ZAKKA! Thank you so much sir for your commitment to the spread of the gospel around the world through TELEVISION. We love you dearly sir!!!!

#HBDPYO #CelebratingGodsGeneral #PastorYinkaOkunusi #CEenvirons2 #CEOgba

SEE WHO IS CHAMPIONING THE RADIO RENAISSANCE BLW UK ZONE 2 is on the move to influence 3.4 Billion people with the Radio Renaissance initiative. We invite you to join us today. #radiorenaissance #totaltakeover

Pictures from ReachOut Ireland 2020 Partners in the Republic of Ireland recently embarked on the strategic distribution of copies of Rhapsody of Realities in specific areas in their nation. This was organized in celebration of the annual Saint Patrick's Day. Copies of the Messenger Angel were distributed to people on the streets, in offices, malls, and so on, as a show of their commitment to increase the influence of the Gospel in their nation. There's more to be done! To join us in the sponsorship and organization of a ReachOut Campaign, please call +2348025013715 +1 832-453-7534 or send a mail to

Happy mother's day we love you ma #CESILUKO1 #CEMIDWESTZONE #MOTHERDAY


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Happy birthday our dearest Esteemed Pastor Yemisi. Thank you so much for all you do for us in SSZ2 . You are such an amazing inspiration and an exemplary leader. We love you specially 😘 #CelebratingPerfect&FlawlessPYE #March23 #RZMLagosZone1 #CEEKET #ssz2

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