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Actor no dey die. I be Actor... #ippc

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We are ACTORS IN OUR MOVIES. ACTOR NO DEY DIE!!! KABAYE - IPPC #ceeastlegon #ceaccraghanazone

Actor nor dae die #IPPC2016 kabayaaaa

Oshe! Actor no dey die! Kabayeeeeee!!!! Hagahahaha Am d the actor

#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 20TH NOVEMBER. I affirm that Christ is my Ark and I will never sink in life. The terrible economic situation of the world will never cause me to sink. It doesn't matter who is sinking, it doesn't matter the business that is moving out of town, it doesn't even matter the nations that are going into recession; I'm in a safe place. I am in Christ, the secret place of the Most High. Life isn't a mystery unto me because I dwell in the secret place of the Most High. I am in the centre of God's will and purpose for my life. I am commanded to grow by the power of the Spirit of God. That which will take ordinary men twenty years to accomplish, I will accomplish in a split second. I am forty years ahead of my peers! That which will cost them so much money to get, I will get it free by the power of the Holy Ghost. The same way men and women travelled from afar to see the wisdom of King Solomon, so shall men, women, nations, kings, and queens travel from afar to see the manifestation of Phronesis in my life. This is my time and season, and there's no stopping me. Glory to God! Affirm, share and also leave comments on today's affirmations. Let's keep spreading until we get into every man's world. You can also reach us on: You can also reach us on: Email: ...Please do download more inspiring messages here 👇👇 God bless you. #IMCC2016 #IPPC2016 #PastorChrisLive #Sinach #Eben #FrankRichBoy #JoePraise #Ada #PastorIsrael #RapNation #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN #MovingForward #TheYearOfSpreading #RhapsodyOfRealities #TranslatorsConference

Actor no de die woo

My task is to be pleasing to Christ. To be empty of self & be filled with Himself. To be filled with & be led by the Holy Spirit. #HBPA2111

Focusing only on The Faith of Jesus that saves rather than on the messages that entangles. The PA #HBPA2111 #HBPA21NOV #HAPPYBIRTHDAYPA

Actor no dey at IPPC 2016

Actor no dey die #IPPC2016


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