SOUL WINNERS​ CONGRESS WITH PASTOR CHRIS. Soul winning is God Number 1 business. Mathew 28:11 What you must do as a soul winner: ▶ Plan ▶ Pray ▶ Strategize. 1 Corinthians 9:16 It's your responsibility to tell people about Jesus. To be an effective soul winner; Continuous motivation is important: 1) Praying for souls continually 2) Feed yourself on materials on soul winning e.g. Join this Chariot 3) Engage in soul winning activities 4) Try to always have extra materials with you always 5) Receive and share testimonies on salvation 6)Be mindful of the Return of Jesus Christ 7) Enjoy discussing about soul winning: Refresh , Review , strategize your plan on soul winning. 7 STEPS TO PERFECTING SOUL WINNING: ▪ Be Filled with the Holy spirit. Ephesians 5:18.Roman 12:11. Never lag in Zeal but be fervent in the Spirit. ▪ Have a clear understanding of the gospel. ▪ Explain the Gospel. Invest in yourself with the Word of God.Mathew 28:19.There is a difference between preaching the gospel and explaining the gospel. ▪ Lead them into salvation; make sure that they take the prayer of salvation (confession) Roman 10:9 ▪ Receive them into God's Family.They must be brought into the awareness of their new life. ▪ Introduce them to the Church's​ mentorship program. Act 18:24-27 ▪ Bring them into the state of leadership, where they would also become a blessing to other people. Make them do what you do. #CELVZ


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7 Exceptional Performances that shocked everyone during the #childrensday celebration Balley Dance: Elsie Olayemi & the Crew #cebeninzone1


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Happy birthday Pastor ma. You are indeed a rare gem with an impeccable uniqueness. your love for the ministry is very inspiring and what emulating. thank you for all you do so much you show and undeniable passion you display for the Lord Jesus Christ. I love you ma.

“What the Lord is going to applaud and reward you for on the day of judgment is his word that you lived out” - #ROR

7 Exceptional Performances that shocked everyone during the #childrensday celebration NEWS Review - Sports news too! #cebeninzone1

7 Exceptional Performances that shocked everyone during the #childrensday celebration Incisive Talkshow - Great Panelists #cebeninzone1

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HBD Dear Esteemed Pastor Glorious. Today I celebrate ur sweet spirit, kind heart & ur commitment to ministry. I love u greatly. #cephzone2

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