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I live to please God. I have strong faith. My faith gets results. #mydeclaration

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#myconfession I declare that I and my family function in all the blessings of the SUPERNATURAL. I function in abundant supply of wealth.

#mydeclaration safe delivery to every pregnant women in the world. Freedom to preach the gospel in any part of the world

I speak sense always.My words are sanctified of God. I decree a thing and it becomes. #MyDeclarations

My children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace. #mydeclaration

I declare that my life is a perpetual channel to bless the world. #mydeclaration

# my declaration....I declare that the word of God is prevailing mightily in my life and his revelation of the word is Supernatural in me .

#mydeclearation Am a solution to the problems of many

#praying now #Zimbabwe

#HSPC Get ready!!!

I relevant in all ramifications for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. #mydeclaration

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