ogolomablessing: Happy perfect birthday more of on KingsChat Web

Happy perfect birthday more of God's grace to you Highly Esteemed REV #cephzone2

Happy perfect birthday more of

Updated his profile photo

#Psalm23 #celebratingalegend2020 Happy Birthday maa.. Love you

You're really David Richman. Your testimonies are just amazing. For being a real helper of the war, the Lord will multiply you greatly this year of perfection. I love you

Join me to Celebrate the Mother Of Shining Stars, Our Highly Esteemed Evangelist Kathy. Much love 💕 Ma.

I salute you Ma. Happy birthday. Love you. #lmam

Declaring Tremendous and marvelous results! #cewashingtonstateR1VZ2 #YearofPerfection2020

Happy prefert birthday to an amazing personality,a mother like no other,a mother of star#LMAMMOTHEROFSTARS #LMAMUGOWO1ROCKS #LMAMMWZ4LIFE

I salute a General. Happy birthday Ma. #lmam #ukzone1 #psalm23

Celebrating a father like no other .Rev Ray Okocha Director Cephmc. Happy birth day. #Rev Ray 123 #eastwestRoadChurch

Happy perfect birthday to my father teacher and role model. Iove you pastor sir.

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