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Prayers..... Strategies.... Instructions #ceaz #AbujaZone #PastorsLeadersretreat #Graceliveshere

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#PastorsAndCordinatorsTraining #blwcampusministryrocks #blwzonec As a pastor I'm a Shepherd.. I'm spirit Filled and I lead God's people.. Thank You so much Pastor sir For those impactful Words. I know Now how thoroughly to Lead And pioneer I'm Quick to produce result!!

#CEMCA 14 DAYS PRAYER AND FASTING WITH REV. TOM (10TH - 23RD JAN. 2021) PRAYER GUIDE FOR DAY 1 - SUNDAY 10TH JANUARY PRAYER TIMES: 6:00-6:15AM, 12:00-1:00PM (Global Prayer Hour), 3:30-4:00PM, 6:0-7:00PM (Congregational Prayers and Communion) PRAYER SESSION 1 (6:00AM) Give quality time to speaking in tongues and fellowshipping with the Lord, and then take the prayer point below. ⭕ Thank the Lord for leading us by His Spirit to separate ourselves these two weeks, unto intense prayer and meditation on His Word to us this year, positioning ourselves to walk completely in sync with His plan and direction. Declare for yourself that you are the expression of all that the Lord intends for you to be this year 2021. 📖 EZRA 7:10(AMPC) - For Ezra had prepared and set his heart to seek the Law of the Lord [to inquire for it and of it, to require and yearn for it], and to do and teach in Israel its statutes and its ordinances. 📖 PSALMS 10:17 - LORD, thou hast heard the desire of the humble: thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear... 📖 PROVERBS 16:1,3 - The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD. Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established. PRAYER SESSION 2 (3:30-4:00PM) ⭕ Bring before the Lord your goals and aspirations for this year 2021 - spiritual goals and all others. Prophesy to yourself, declaring divine speed and abundant grace for all that the Lord has laid in your heart to accomplish for His Kingdom, and in all your endeavours. See that from this period of Prayer and Fasting, new doors are opening up for you, greater opportunities are available to you, and you have the wisdom required to excel in every area. 📖 ISAIAH 54:2-3 - Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; 3 - For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left... 📖 ISAIAH 54:1-3(MSG) - "Sing, barren woman, who has never had a baby. Fill the air with song, you who've never experienced childbirth! You're ending up with far more children than all those childbearing women." God says so! "Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big! Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep. You're going to need lots of elbow room for your growing family... ⭕ Pray for yourself and for all our brethren, declaring that each one of us is growing spiritually and increasing in the knowledge of God. Declare that as we carry out our role in the vision as partners and soulwinners, the Lord is working through us, channeling resources to us for the work of the ministry, and granting us utterance and opportunity to preach the gospel and affect lives for Him everywhere we go.  📖 PHILIPPIANS 2:13 - For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. 📖 EPHESIANS 6:19(AMPC) - And [pray] also for me, that [freedom of] utterance may be given me, that I may open my mouth to proclaim boldly the mystery of the good news (the Gospel)... ⭕ Pray passionately for lost souls in this city, that the light of the glorious gospel of Christ will shine in their hearts, prevailing over darkness, religion and deception. Declare that every resistance to the gospel is broken, and that as we go forth preaching the gospel, men's hearts are open to receive our message for their salvation, and they are delivered from satan's dominion into God's marvellous light. 📖  2CORINTHIANS 4:3-4 - But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: 4 in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. #CEMCABUJA #CEMCA14DAYSPRAYERANDFASTING #YEAROFPREPARATION

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Psalms 35:24 Judge me, O LORD my God, according to thy righteousness; and let them not rejoice over me. 35:25 Let them not say in their hearts, Ah, so would we have it: let them not say, We have swallowed him up. The evil Plan against Pastor Chris is annihilated oooooo.

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Setting a new Records, raising a new Standard. #ceaz #AbujaZoneRetreat #monthofcelebration #yearofpreparation

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