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HINDSIGHTS AND RECAP OF 2016 PROPHETIC UTTERANCES BY PASTOR: 353 days ago Pastor on the 31st of December 2015 unleashed these prophetic words below: "This year we are going to pray in tongues more than never before. It's one major key for this year, did you hear me? Because the Lord has granted you supernatural prosperity and success. And the location, how the Spirit of the Lord will locate you, plant you will arise through speaking in tongues. As you speak in tongues you will position facilities, you will position help and the things that are supposed to be coming to you, to come to you. Make speaking in tongues a major part of your life this year.....Because of the supernatural prosperity and success....things you didn't plan for your supernatural prosperity and success will happen....The Lord's hand is resting upon you! His Glory is upon your life! No evil shall befall you! No plague shall come nigh your dwelling. A thousand shall fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand but it shall not come nigh you. You are protected and preserved by the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of the Lord Jesus. Angels are attending you! The presence of God attends you! The glory of God covers you! You're shielded from evil by the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of the Lord Jesus. If the enemy shall come against you one way, he shall flee before you seven ways! For he shall not be able to stand your presence because the hand of the Lord is upon you. Your light is shining brightly! Shining brightly because the glory of God is upon your life. He leads you in the path of righteousness for His name sake....tongues....Have no worries! Entertain no worries! Entertain no cares! Have no fears! Permit no fear! The Lord is asking me to tell you Permit no fear! Permit no fear! It is the hand of God that lifts and when He lifts you, nothing can put you down! Wisdom is granted you! By the Holy Ghost that walketh in you. Wisdom is granted you! tongues....Increased Wisdom for the anointing is upon you! Are you receiving! It's your year of Spreading! Will you put the Lord first this year? Put Him first in everything! Delight thyself in the Lord! This year delight yourself in the Lord! Halleluyah! No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. You are blessed all over the world. Wherever you are right now, I minister these blessings unto you in the name of Jesus. You will spread to the north, you will spread to the south, you will spread to the east, and to the west. You will spread every where with the glory of God on your life.The Lord magnify you from this day, from this hour, from this moment.....Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! The Lord has lifted you!! 🌏I am counting my blessings I just can't keep it to myself! When I thought that He had done too much Jesus did it again! 🌏When I meditate and cogitate on these powerful words, my heart is full of Thanksgiving for what I see now, was me making warfare with these Prophetic Words. These prophecies programmed my heart for the things that awaited me in the future. I am so grateful I didn't take these utterances lightly. I guarded His truth in my heart, through the storm and through the rain; through the seemingly bleak nights and the pain....My heart cries out to you oh! Lord my God! THANK YOU! Thank you for the victories and achievements! Thank you for abundant Graces, provision, help, Goodwill, increase, spreading, health and prosperity enjoyed! 🌏2016 am so glad we / I fought a good fight of Faith with the dominion and power of the Word of God and we /I won! 🌏 We / I spoke in tongues more than ever before and His Love overwhelmed and strengthened our / my heart(s) in the most difficult seasons or times of the year. 🌏As long as I had heard these prophetic words they worked in me mightily and now I stand tall on the mountain top! Boy! the view looks great from up here I tell you! I am grateful for His jealous love and preservation of our lives! I am grateful to Him for "KEEPING" us! You know He kept you don't you? He Kept me too! 🌏 NOW our flight is sure! As always our trajectory into a higher altitude is upward only. I will yet prophesy even more! Prophecy is our DOOR....(See our blog on Prophecy) 🌏And as I walk through the door of 2017 His presence is with me; His hand still strong and mighty upon me; His love strong enfolding and reassuring heart shall not fear for you are with me oh Lord my God! You will never be too late! You're a God that shows up on time! Hallelujah Jesus! Wow! Glory to God... #CEABAKALIKI


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