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Be careful not listen to your feelings or emotion. #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

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The born again human has joy in its recreated human spirit #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

CELEBRATING OUR PARTNERSHIP! #ToppartnerBelieversLoveworldUSA #Rhapsodyofrealitiee #IPPC2016 #BLWAwards #Celosangekes. We're spreading!!!

Make an effort to act on God's word #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

If anyone ignores the word, there is no hope #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

You prayers should not be complain rather it should be request, definite request. #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

There is no part of your flesh that will feel like preaching. #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

SUNDAY SERVICE AT CE KENSINGTON WITH PASTOR MTHOBEKI What a glorious service Kensington church had with Pastor Mthobeki sharing on what grace does in a believer's life: 1.The grace of God gives you direction in everything. 2. Grace gives you the advantage no matter where you find yourself 3. Grace beautifies your spirit- the word shapes who you are. Prov 17:22 : Acts26:14 4.Grace make you unconquerable Numbers 23:23 Gen 12:3 5. Grace makes you a blessing to those around you. Gen 22:18

#Riddle What occurs once a minute, twice every Millennium, but never in a hundred years?? PS - No googling allowed (If you cheat, God is watching you)

HBD Br Justice, we celebrate your loyalty and your commitment and all that you do in the ministry,keep moving forward we love you🎂🎇🎆

Datz my story. #cewarrizone#cechurch2#ceuppererejuwa#pacesetterscell

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