CE Benin Zone 1: Happening Now: Pastors and Staff on KingsChat Web

Happening Now: Pastors and Staff Members Strategic Training Meeting with our Esteemed Zonal Pastor: Pastor Moses Olayemi. KingsChat Session being handled by Brother Stanley Okotie #CeBeninZone1

Happening Now: Pastors and Staff Happening Now: Pastors and Staff

To the Gift of faith, happy birthday. You are a treasure and a pure gift to us. Happy birthday 🎂

Happy happy birthday my able uncle. God bless u for your undeniable love. Thank you for all you do in the ministry. I love u sir. #Chairman0505

HBD Ambassador of the most high God. You will do even more for God.

Casts out demons ☑ Master Soulwinner ☑ Preacher of the Gospel ☑ Personal testimonies ☑ Son of Consolation ☑ 🎉🎇Happy Birthday, Dr. Nosa!!🎁🎈 @nosatee @nosat #drnosa0505 #cebrooklyn #nymegalopolis

The word of God is prevailing in UK.Am part a proud sponsor and distributor of Rhaosody of Realities.What a special grace!

Please join me and celebrate the birthday of this my wonderful sister, Victoria Martins ( Vickyshine). God's own possessed special child with a loving, and good heart. It is the testimony of GRACE for you. God has just began with you. Keep excelling.

Meeting with our Man of G9d,Pastor Chris is life transforming.More grace ,more grace.

A caption of Breakfast with the king Prayer and planning meeting #edonorthandedocentral #ceauchi1

#Healthwalk #ssvz1 #pst_e #ceasaba

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