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Heb.1.3 - who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person,........ You are the brightness of His Glory and the express image of Jesus. We don't see Jesus but we see you. Happy Birthday Most Dearly Beloved Daddy. I love you exceedingly Sir. #dec07

Heb.1.3 - who being the Heb.1.3 - who being the Heb.1.3 - who being the

Good Morning I love you ❀️ Today's our Man of God's Birthday Do well to join in the prayer rally today Anytime of the day I love you ❀️

Christ Embassy Ago-Hausa Invites you to her Amazing Sunday Service #GodHasAWordForYou#

HBD to ur Father & Shepherd Pst CHRIS. Thks fr feeding us with the knowledge & truth. Yr unique messages had brought us 10 years ahead of time! Y're the best & greatest leader in the history after Christ! Thk y Sir for yr selfless sacrifices. We LπŸ’“ you! #CEBasel# Switzerland

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Celebrating God's General. #Cestmarys #agbarhogroup #imalive

My Dear Father, Pastor & Coach 4 Life, The prophet of our time. I'm forever grateful to God for the opportunity of been your beloved son a privilege many of the 7 billion people of the world was not given. What a honour! My Father Sir, I celebrate you specially everyday of my life but like you once said, there's a day set aside to celebrate the physical birth of a person. For you Sir, that special day is December 7th and I'm always excited to join the host of heavens,my brothers and sisters of our Beloved LOVEWORLD nation and every creature in the world as they testify of a gift so priceless given to humanity. Pastor Sir, we begin the Excitement Extravaganza with your birthday as you have ushered Us into the Excitement mood for 2021. Celebrating our flawless victory from this WAR. A story you have revealed to Us the ending from the scriptures. Thank you for been our Commanding Officer. For this WAR has been WON. Happy Birthday once again my Father Sir, I proudly celebrate you on this day and Special Year of Perfection. It's been indeed a Perfect one with many revelations to the body of Christ and achievements as God's peculiar chosen people. Thank you for winning this war for Us and the whole world. I Love and celebrate You so specially Sir, you mean more to me than this whole world sir! Your Son, Your BattleAxe, dipo fisho #dec7prayingforpastorchris

Hip hip hip......Happy πŸŽ‚ birthday to my beloved and lovely father pastor Chris.. Pastor i love you so much.... You are more than everything for me My mentor. My Supreme father My superior.... We the #XmenDanceCrew #CalabarMinistryCenter #Offer7

Happy birthday pastor #CELVZ# weloveyoupaatorchris#Happybirthday#Yearofperfection.

Happy birthday to a great man of God my pastor, my mentor, my life coach, my teacher. Thank you sir for ur teaching. I llove u sir

Happy Perfect birthday Dad, Thank you for standing boldly and defending the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ even when it’s unpopular to do so. I love you forever Sir. #Cesydney # Ceaustralia # Offer7

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