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#Pastorchrisworldsno1author #Fiestaoflights. #celz1rocks #ketu Thank you Pastor Sir for teaching me how to operate in divine health .... I love you Pastor !

#Pastorchrisworldsno1author #Fiestaoflights. #celz
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Today is World Book Day and we celebrate the world's greatest Author - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The truths contained in your books have shaped our lives and made us Champions. We love you so much Sir

#worldbookday #worldbestauthor #Pastorchris

Wonders In North East #GFMC2019 #Ceyola #Pastoremmanuelabbah

Happy Bday Dear Pastor Rita. Thank you for all you for the gospel , our man of God and the LW nation. Enjoy your day. #TLB

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"When you put your mind-power to work, the possibilities are endless." - Culled from the book the Power of the Mind. #Pastorchrisworldsno1author #Fiestaoflights #WorldBestAuthor  #AccraGhanaZone #cetakoradi.

Celebrating the World Best Author and Awesome Books all around the world. #WorldBestAuthor #WorldBookDay #PastorChrisWorldsNo1Author

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