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HWA Dear Mr/Mrs Zee Nicholas Emmanuel, You are walking in prosperity, victory, and health because you live in God’s Word. You are literally transfigured into the image that you see in the Word.. Endless victories is the story of your union. #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

HWA Dear Mr/Mrs Zee Nicholas
joel edet okon


Congratulations sir! Happy Anniversary...

HWA Dear Mr/Mrs Ambaiowei Segu O. You are loaded on the inside, and the grace of God is multiplied in your home. You have eternal life, righteousness, and oneness with the Spirit. The ability of the Spirit has been granted you in your union. ❤️ ❤️ #CalMc #TeamCalabarRocks

Auxano, increasing with souls hallelujah

Happy Birthday Dear Sis. Jessica Efoli, Nothing is impossible with you, because your life is the story and testimony of God's grace. The abundance of the sea shore is converted to you. Congratulations ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ #CalMc #TeamCalabarRocks

Thank you Pastor Ma for coming to bless us in Carletonville. We are truly blessed! #cesazone2 #PstTayoAjiboye #WomenOfSubstance #cecarletonville

Updated her profile photo

Updated his profile photo

As we round up this set of Joyous Updates from Day 3 of Light Up Your World, we take a trip to the City of Abeokuta, Nigeria 🇳🇬 Be blessed by these powerful quotes from another member of the CEC and Highly Esteemed Pastor of CE Abeokuta Ministry Centre...PASTOR TT EDUN!!!👏🏽💯 - - - #JoyousUpdates #LUYWC #LUYW2019 #YourLaughWorld #LWUSA #LWSat #LWTV #LWPlus

Kings Klass Cell Gathering of Eagles Super Outreach. Winning and leading many to Christ. #cebramptonwest #CECANADA #GOECAN

Kings Klass Cell Gathering of Eagles Super Outreach. Soul winning is our life. #cebramptonwest #CECANADA #GOECAN

Flourishing Senior Cell 3 celz5 are kinging A day of Glory was a reality 🙌🙌 #celz5 #christembassylekki #flourishingseniorcell3 #soulwinning

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