Lucretia: Just One day! Don't miss on KingsChat Web

Just One day! Don't miss it. #PastorChrisInZimbabwe #WCSWPC #May7 #cehararecbd #cesazone5

Just One day! Don't miss

Highlights of Global Evangelical Congress Day 1. The Opening Session with the Esteemed Zonal Director was a glorious one to behold as congregants were led in heart felt intercessory prayers for the evangelization of the gospel across the nations of the world. More updates to come...stay tuned #CeAccraGhanaZone #TECC

My heart is full of joy @ThethoughtofIHP. #IHPCETX . God has given us the victory!!!! #IHPWINSTEXASTOCHRIST Glorrry!!!!!!!!

#whyPDMrocks.. He rocks with the word and constantly rocks us all at CE ISHERI with the Anointing of the Spirit.

The biggest thing on my mind #easterfunfair

Happy birthday pastor ma.. ..I love you dearly.. keep flourishing

Live in Texas #IHPCETX


Easter children's program! Don't miss it Dad, Mum Aunty's bring the children

Kinging is intention,Decide to king.

Easter Special on my mind😁 with my Zonal Pastor this week😎 time to increase knowledge #cesapele #singlescelebwithpastortt #ss1vz1

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