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HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY! #ceottawa #pastorchris #cecanada #greatsunday


Happy Wedding Anniversary Doctors Nosa and Eno Tongo! Today we celebrate a couple whose lives and union have made an impact in the BLW Nation and the world at large. Happy wedding anniversary to a son and daughter of consolation Drs. Nosa and Eno. The days and years ahead are greater than your yesterday. Keep flourishing in the courts of our Lord and abiding in the work of the ministry. We love you dearly. #newyorkmegalopolis #usavz2 #usaregion

PRAYER Dear Father, thank you for the counsel I receive from your Word, and the divine instruction that comes to me daily by your Spirit. I’m a doer of your Word, not a hearer only; I take fast hold of instruction; my heart is attentive, and I act fast on your Word. Promotions, advancements, significant attainments are evident in my life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Today service was awesome #being filled with the spirit #AmAlive #cewarrizone #blwcelebrates30years

Spiritual Instructions Oftentimes, the Word of God comes to us as spiritual instructions. Proverbs 4:13 says, “Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life.” When an instruction of the Spirit is given, not only is it important that those instructions be understood, they must also be acted upon. Any form of resistance or disobedience is what God refers to as “witchcraft.” The Bible says, “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry…” (1 Samuel 15:23). An example is King Saul. God instructed Saul to destroy the Amalekites and everything they had, including their animals, but he ignored the instruction. ... Be wise. Even when God’s instructions are contrary to your human reasoning, be like Peter: act on them. When the Lord Jesus asked Peter to cast his net into the sea after a fruitless fishing expedition (Luke 5), even though the instruction was contrary to Peter’s reasoning, he obeyed and got a miracle for it. God’s instructions may come to you in the most unexpected way, follow them, because therein lies your promotion. Learn more from today's Rhapsody.

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#happysunday , sorry for delay of my song #Akachukwu , in less than 16 hours it will drop, thank you friends #ceenugu1

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Celebrating our awards won as a church and as partners during IPPC, Congrats to Pst Jide & members of CE St Mary's #cewzstmarys #cewarrizone

SUNDAY SERVICE WITH THE MOST REV. TOM HIGHLGHTS When the Word comes to you, it comes into your spirit and you work the Word. Everything you require for greatness, God has put in you; don't take the Word of God lightly. Your life must be based on the Word, and being filled with the Spirit happens by praying in the Holy Ghost and speaking the Word. We've been brought into the Kingdom, and we have rights and privileges; if you don't know those rights, you may never take advantage of them. Your life is the manifestation of God's grace; you are not struggling to do it. EPHESIANS 2:10(AMP) Do your work diligently; don't give room for laziness, and be bold to dream. Don't listen to anyone who tells you it's wrong to be ambitious. The reason you should be ambitious in your work or business is for the sake of Kingdom. Don't patronise the lies of the devil. When the Lord lifts you and positions you, you must see yourself as a leader; a leader lifts others. God has given you something to give to others - His Word and His presence. You are not a seeker; you have found, and you have been sent to the seekers. Always ensure that you talk about our Kingdom and about Christ our King with excitement. Talk about Him and bring them to Him. Be a soulwinner. Be about His business; it opens doors for you. A soul winner never needs to pray for open doors; soul winning opens doors for you. #ceabujazone

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