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Welcome to our world our sweet Princess, we love you darling #princessextraordinaria

Welcome to our world our Welcome to our world our

Dieu est ma forteresse!! mon puissant soutien!! Ma vie et ma joie!!! Ma raison de vivre... #ceyaoundecoron

Though God reigns from a majestic throne, He is accessible to us at all times of day and night through the Holy Spirit.

If you don't say who you are the world will say who you are not. #CEBENINZONE3 #BNZONE3EASTERFIESTA


A WORD IN SEASON - EPISODE 5 How To Develop your Spirit.   1. Meditate on God's Word.  Meditation helps you to get the word into your spirit. Joshua 1:8.    2. Learn to put God's Word first. Colossians 3:16.                      3. Learn to quickly act on the voice of God.  The inward man has spiritual senses also. Train yourself to listen to the voice of the spirit always. 2 Corinthians 2:12-13. 4. Learn to Speak In Tongues Always. The clearest way to activate your spirit is to speak in tongues.1 Corinthians 14:18. 

Grace at work

- What if the tales of heaven were not real, would you still do what is right? What are your convictions? #LUTT #LUTT #LUTT

SO YOU HAVE A BUSINESS IDEA, NOW WHAT? ADMISSION FREE: Send Name/PhoneNo/Email to 08036657341 or 0802 853 9613 POWERED BY: #brookhaven112rd

I say what I here Him say. #VG #blwghanazone

His glory is who I am #VG #blwghanazone

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