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Excerpts From Day 4 Morning Session!!! Your seed is like a police that polices your life, present and future. The past will not overtake you, your future will not be harmed, it will stop destruction, defeat. It will guarantee you get to your future Your life becomes the road he travels on. Seed produces result. Continuity and multiplication. The Lord will be a witness that you are going somewhere. - Pastor Biodun Lawal  #CEMIDWESTZONE #YOURLOVEWORLD

Excerpts From Day 4 Morning Excerpts From Day 4 Morning

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Count down to celebrations of a Legend woman of God! #CEKIWADZANA #CESAZONE5

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Happy birthday dear Sis Uloma! It's from glory to glory! All things are urs. Thank u for making God's business No1. I love u like Kilode.😘

This Telethon has been a meeting to remember. Thank you Pastor sir. .... my notes, my notes! #YourLoveworld

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Fullness and the fire #CPLFC2018 #blwghzone

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