Lumka Betela: 8 days left. ..celebrating my on KingsChat Web

8 days left. ..celebrating my Group Pastor

8 days left. ..celebrating my
Christiana Nagbons


Your page is lovely , I have a business proposition for you ! If you are interested just give it a shot by sending me a dm ūü§Ě

THIS FRIDAY: 4PM GMT+1 SATURDAY(morning session): 8AM GMT+1 SATURDAY (evening session): 4:30PM GMT+1 #LGGC #GlobalConnect #LGNRules #NetworkingSuccess #LNGZambiaCenter

And in the 5TH POSITION, Top 10 outstanding ZONES/MINISTRY CENTERS with the highest sponsorship and distribution of the TeeVo Bible in the month of August 2020. Give it up for CHRIST EMBASSY PORT HARCOURT ZONE 2!!! Thank you Esteemed Pastor Linda Okocha and the members of Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 2 for your outstanding sponsorship and distribution of the TeeVo Bible. We love you dearly Ma. #teevolution #everyteenagerateevobible

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Kindly register with me for the global impact outreach with our man of God Pastor Chris .click on the link

#4DAYSTO GLOBAL IMPACT OUTREACH Are You Ready? Register today at and invite others to do the same  #eneczone #SEregion #GlobalImpactOutreach  #GIO2020 #CGI  #unstoppableChurchGrowth

WHY ASIA AT THIS TIME? More than every other continent, Asia has the largest number of idol worshippers! With over 2.4 billion men and women bowing to lifeless gods and spirits with so much commitment! Asia is in urgent need of salvation. Would you join us?

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3DAYS TO GO!!! Clear your schedule, take time out to prayerfully prepare and BE THERE!!!

Faithful God I bless your name. There's none like you jesus.

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