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There are places u're supposed 2be by virtue of d calling in ur life! Ure supposed 2be in d house of God @d appropriate tim #ceowerri #ssvz4

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Can you see Pastor Biodun Lawal's name in the list below? Pastor LIKED my post! He saw it! Wow..... Thank you KingsChatšŸ˜„ #cesazone4

joy of the spirit

updated her profile photo

updated her profile photo

Wen we talk abt master soul winner, u will know and become, He is the one! I love you Br Theo, thank u for shining ur light so bright HBD

Hapi married lyf 2 a special couple who shows DAT love can b true&4ever may ur life continue to grow in love and happiness together!!!!!

CAN WE REAL COUNT HIS BLESSINGS? God said to Abraham, AS FAR AS YOUR EYES CAN SEE...POSSES!!! #Gratefulheart #Iamsuccessforever. #CEZone2.

Congrats Pastor Sir. I celebrate you. I was your LMC student 13 years again. I witnessed that glorious wedding. Now look what God has done

Happy Wedding Anniversary Dcn Kunle and my lovely Sis. Kemi. I celebrate your exemplary lives. Increase grace to do much more . I love y'all

Congratulations sir we rejoice with you.

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