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Celebrating Our Dearest Mother, the  Highly Esteemed Pastor Ejeme Ebuade! Ma, we celebrate you heartily and joyfully on this day of your birthday. We are blessed to identify with you as our mother and pastor. For your passion to see us do well, and your tireless efforts in  training and guiding us, we say Thank you! For being so compassionate,  considerate and loving all the time, we say Thank you! We cannot express our gratitude enough for all you do for us, both seen and unseen. Our prayer Ma, is that every blessing and desire of our Man of God towards you will continually prosper, and that many more will rejoice in your light. Ma, We love you individually and collectively

Celebrating Our Dearest Mother, the Celebrating Our Dearest Mother, the

Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Freedom Wealth - Eriya! I celebrate your passion for the Lord and God's people. Thank you so much for all you do for the indigent in South Africa. I love you sir

CELEBRATING OUR DEAREST PASTOR EJEME Happy Birthday Pastor Ma! You are a beacon of hope to the world, a shining star in this generation, a true general of a global fighting force in the BLW nation. An epistle written and read of men; an example of a believer in words and deeds. Thank you for showing us how to take daring steps and have word based results. You are many things to us Ma. We love you dearly .

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Glory to God

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