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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

The priests could not continue their service because of the cloud, for the glorious presence of the Lord filled the Temple of God 2 Chron 5:14 NLT Prior to this, the musicians had been worshipping God passionately. Worship is a prelude to experiencing the glory of God's Presence.

It's the continuation of celebrating our riches. #EWCAVZ5 #IPPCINMYCITY #CEASHAIMAN

I Am Happy Everyday 😃😄😆😊😀 No Sad Day For Me Never

Therefore, I encourage the men to pray on every occasion with hands lifted to God in worship with clean hearts, free from frustration or strife. 1 Timothy 2:8 TPT

IPPC IN YOUR CITY, 2018. DAY 3, SATURDAY EVENING. WE CELEBRATE YOU, Thank you Dear Partners for giving the GOSPEL 'wheels' to ride and 'wings' to fly. #ewcavz2 #ewcavz2ippc2018

Happy Birthday Bro Issac Thomas .Thank you for the great work you do in Malaysia and the Gylf Asia region .You will increase in wisdom and the knowledge of Gods word .its indeed 10 yrs in 1 for you this year .# gylfAsia


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