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I am a champion for life!!! #mydailyconfessions #boundlessgrace #cephzone1

Celebrating My mother, Teacher, mentor and pastor. Pastor Deola Philips. I love you dearly. Thank you ma for leading us in a perpetual victory as a result of your teachings so clear to understand and the steps to follow. Thank you for all you represent in the Loveworld Nation.

Not on my watch! #rhapsodybible #thebiblematters

Check out my inspiring post on Yookos!


The quality of your Life depends on your knowledge of the word of God #understandingthegospelofChrist #wordfest2 #EWCAZ4 #Cameroon #CEAkwa #Auxanoseniorcell

Updated his profile photo

Happy birthday Dear Esteemed Deacon Gabriel Sir. Thank you Sir for all you do for the Lord and for the furtherance of the gospel. All grace abound towards you and it can only be from glory to glory! Happy celebrations Sir.. #CELAGOSZONE2

*DIVINE HEALTH CONFESSIONS - 29TH OCTOBER* I’m complete in Christ; there’s nothing lacking in my life, because Christ is my completeness, and as He is, so am I in this world. I’m strong and courageous! I see glory, victory, success and triumph all around me. Through the Word and with the eyes of the Spirit, I see my glorious heritage in Christ, and my heart greatly rejoices. In Christ, I see my salvation, strength, courage, victory, and health! Hallelujah! #enterthehealingschool #healingschool #healingtothenations

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