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#NoB with peeah on my mind

#NoB with peeah on my

#globalstaffprayerday #cesapele

Through PrayerπŸ˜… God bestows on me opportunity, Ability & Inpiration to make great impacts in my world.πŸ˜… #STAFFPRAYERDAY #CEABUJAZONE

Happy birthday dearest Pastor Wale ma. Thank you for being so loving and caring. I love you ma.

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Happy birthday to the very Unique Pastor Wale, You really are unique in your demonstration of service and love to the gospel, our man of God, the ministry and the saints. Thanks for being so warm and accommodating, inspiring and exemplary. This is your year of the Supernatural in every area. All your heart's desires are speedily establishedin Jesus Name. I love you.πŸ’– 😍😍😍

Strings Unleashed, Coming Soon on LoveWorldSAT Strings Unleashed is a gospel music video countdown show, that is poised to bring kingdom songs into the homes of our viewers. These praise and worship songs are based on the word of God taught by our man of God Pastor Chris in the BLW Nation; catch the new hot and sizzling Episodes of Strings Unleashed on LoveWorldSAT. Visit the link for more details - Watch LoveWorldSAT on: Or on the LoveWorldSAT New Mobile App:

MESSENGER ANGEL SOARS HIGHER THIS EASTER AT INAUGURAL REON MEETING The messenger angel, Rhapsody of Realities is taking over the nation of Kenya! The first-ever Rhapsody of Realities Evangelistic Outreach Network program from Christ Embassy Kenya Zone held at Christ Life Commissioned Church, Kayole, Nairobi. 20 Ministers of the Gospel from other ministries in attendance were introduced to the number one devotional, and enlightened on how they they could be a part of the global mandate of Rhapsody of Realities. Several of those in attendance, who were already users of Rhapsody gave testimony of the tremendous transformation they've witnesed as a result of using Rhapsody of Realities. The ministers were inspired as they viewed videos of the impact of Rhapsody of Realities in the lives of millions around the world, they signed up to be partners of the number one devotional, and received multiple copies for use introducing to their own members. Stay tuned for more stories of exploits of Rhapsody of Realities in the nation of Kenya! #CeKenyaZone

The Significance of Prayer is nt in its length.t's the beauty f Fellowshiping wt God away from everything else #STAFFPRAYERDAY #CEABUJAZONE

HE did it all for You What a liquid love!! #spokenrhema #mysunesis #thesearemymeditations #supernatural #2018 #influence #mymonthofinfluence

Just ten days more to go.....

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