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Ready to collect all the Grace God has in stock for me. #AGC2019 #ceaccraghanazone

Ready to collect all the

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Pastors and Coordinators Celebrating the Birthday of the Esteemed Missions Director, Pastor Chuks Umealo #Sevz1 #ceowerri Glory to God!

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It's Pastor T's Birthday parry.... Let's go there baby🥰🥰🥰 #PastorT@50 #iloveyou1by1 #cesazone3

Faith is looking at the answer in the bible, then using it to address the devil to let him know that he's wasting his time and not letting anything contrary come out of your mouth. Wonderful words from our Esteemed Pastor Ola📸 #UKZone2Much #OurYearofLights💥 #BLWGreenwichChurch

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"We give you glory Lord as we honour You, You are wonderful, you are worthy oh Lord You are wonderful, you are worthy oh Lord! You are excellent you are worthy oh Lord, you are beautiful, you are worthy oh Lord!" #lwsouthampton #ukzone2 #Sundayservice #4babydedications #dcnuzezi

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Celebrating my special somebody.. Happy illuminary birthday my dearest loving & caring Sis Joisleen ma. You are simply amazing and keep lighting up your Aion. I love you 😘😘😘

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER FOREVER 🗣📣🕺🕺📢📢 The working of the word at #Totalexperiencenyanya continues to produce results in the heart of all who received it. Yes! We are grateful to the Lord💃🏼💃🏼 #Revtominnyanya #CEAMC #TEN2019

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