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What a swell time it was in the presence of God in the Just concluded Global Day of Prayer Day 2. Our Zonal Pastor led us in a very fervent session of prayer... And indeed changes were made in the realms of the Spirit #GODP #PCDLTV #Watchonpcdltv #Pastorchrislive

What a swell time it What a swell time it What a swell time it What a swell time it

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I am Victorious #Perfection

I am Victorious #Perfection

I am Victorious #Perfection

GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER WITH PASTOR CHRIS Live participation from Cameroon Tune in to www.gytv.tv to participate live. #gylf #gdop #GlobalDayofPrayer #prayingwithpastorchris #prayingnow

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#GDOP LIVE UPDATES: Our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris ministering... ✍️Thank God for what He is doing these days, many don’t understand, but Jesus is coming soon. ✍️ The speed at which the gospel is spreading worldwide is unprecedented . ✍️ In these days, the Church will manifest the manifold wisdom of God in fullness. ✍️ Satan is behind the weakening of nations, and no legislation can work against him, even mob protests can’t stop him, but only the Church has the tool to checkmate his escapade, which is the name of Jesus. ✍️ That is why strong nations suddenly nose dive into conditions where they are just trying to survive. ✍️ He accomplished these things by influencing the leadership to make bad choices. ✍️ God is against those that are responsible for influencing governmental policies of nations to constantly devalue their currencies for the benefits of the few and to the disadvantage of hard working citizens. That’s why He has raised the Church to stand against it. #globaldayofprayer #cephzone3

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Glory to Jesus Christ!

It’s still your day Mummy Happy Happy Happy Birthday 🎂 ❤️❤️

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