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Updated his profile photo

PASTOR CHRIS PRAYS FOR YOUR FAMILY 2018 🔸Get on Kingschat & locate this group on the Yookos community and send all the names of your family members for us to pray over. 🔸This is for prophetic prayer - praying with words of prophecy into the lives of those for whome you pray. 🔸If they are not born-again, note it! Before he end of 2018, you will find significant changes in the lives of family members beyond your expectations. 🔸 In the first 7 days of January, Pastor will be praying for us! #usavz2 #Dec31stNewYearsEveService

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updated his profile photo

#easterneuropevirtualregion #dec31stnight #ceukraine

HAPPENING NOW live participation from ce Iboloji #31st night service with pastor Chris

Grace Racheal Sipho Naomi Taylor Remi KK Sophie baby Joshua baby David *Jane *Jamie *Princess *Maria* not born again

Happy Birthday Sir!! We Love you Dearly #cegiwaamu #cebeninzone1

dec31st Ukraine #easterneuropevirtualregion

Happening now! Brethren fixated as the man of God brings us the rhema word for the year 2018. "The Israelites had 3 years of harvest in the 6th year before the Jubilee because God caused His blessing to rest on the land!" #2017Dec31st #CEUKVZ2 #LOVEZONE

Updated his profile photo

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