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Happy birthday Pastors. Thank you for the role you have played in our lives. You have shaped destinies. Personally you have impacted and moulded me into a masters vessel. THANK YOU FOR PASTORING US TO RAPTURE. I LOVE YOUUU.

Happy birthday Pastors. Thank you

God is at work me right now like right now

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Amazing loveworld kids

If you are at home 🏡 bored and want to stay Active, inbox me we can do a customised FITNESS programme or online sessions CATER FOR YOU!!! 💪🏽 #mindset #exercise #BODYANDMIND #MAXZEEMIZEFITNESS #fitness #motivation #bodybuilding #determination #strong #lifestyle #excercise

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Glorious Communion Service Participation.... #cecanada #ceottawa

Celebrating God's Epitome of Beauty, a Woman of Substance who is Love Personified. Thank you so much for loving me and my family, for your teachings, prayers and guide. We love you deeply. Happy Birthday Ma!!!! #plo604 #cefinima1 #cefinimagroup #cephzone2

Connected to the Global Commuinion with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

KINGING HUMBLE "Accepting rebuke and correction is humility." -Pastor Chris IN TODAY'S RHAPSODY of April 6th, Our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris, admonishes you to accept rebuke and correction. We read: Some people grew up in homes where no one could reprimand them for wrong doing; not even their parents. It explains why, even after giving their hearts to Christ, they still find it difficult to accept correction in the house of God. But that isn’t right for a Christian. Read our theme verse again (2 Timothy 3:16); it says God’s Word is profitable for doctrine, rebuke, correction and instruction in righteousness. You have to learn to accept correction in the house of God, because that’s one of the ways by which the Holy Spirit, through the Word, helps you develop godly character. Be humble and pay attention to your leaders as they instruct you in the Word. There’re certain things people learnt in their natural lives before coming to Christ; things that aren’t consistent with the Christ-nature. Those things aren’t suddenly put away by salvation. That’s the reason for the renewing of the mind, through meditation on God’s Word. For example, Ephesians 4:31 says, “Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice.” This was written to people who were already Christians. It’s important that you yield to the Word to mould your character and give you a new mind-set. Refuse to accept and allow your senses to dominate or control you. Don’t be inflated with pride when someone is talking to you, trying to correct you with the Word of God. Accepting rebuke and correction is humility; it reveals your greatness, because truly great people are very humble. Glory to His Name forever! #KINGINGwithPastorUyi FOLLOW THIS SUPERUSER ACCOUNT

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