Mercy Ayitevie: #Thehavenconventionwithpstchris #Thehavennation #T on KingsChat Web

#Thehavenconventionwithpstchris #Thehavennation #ThehavenzoneE6

#Thehavenconventionwithpstchris #Thehavennation #T

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I celebrate you Ma, you're one in a million happy birthday. I love you Ma

Gracious Almighty Father, I thank You for the Church of Jesus Christ...I pray for the Church..that there’s Unity, Stability, and Growth, as we attain to the unity of the Faith and of the Knowledge of the Son of the measure of the stature of the Fullness of Christ..Amen.

#Thehavenconventionwithpstchris #Thavennation #ThehavenzoneE6

#Thehavenconventionwithpstchris #Thehavennation #ThehavenZoneE6

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I'm beautiful in my going out and coming in. Lagos! Here I come! I'm attending! I'm registered! I'm ready! I'll be there! #TheHavenConventionwithPastorChris #THC2019 #TheHavenNation #TheHavenZoneE2

#Thehavenconventionwithpstchris #Thehavennation #ThehavenZoneE6

PRAYER AND FASTING. Part 2. -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome @ror (HOW TO PRAY AND FAST:) • Pick the days, or if such days have already been designated in your group or in your local church, be sure to participate fully, bearing in mind the purpose of the fast: praying; ministering to the Lord. • Some people occupy themselves with various irrelevant activities during prayer and fasting, so they don’t feel the hunger until it’s time to break the fast, no; it’s not that way. Aside from praying, the only activities you should indulge in and encourage are such that would further inspire you to pray, such as studying and meditating on the Word. • Take your Bible and some Christian books to read, and messages to listen to or watch on your devices. Put the TV off, and cast the newspapers and magazines aside. Possibly, put off your phone or turn off the network; you don’t need any distraction. • If you desire specific outstanding results that only the anointing can produce, you need to do this: Spend quality time to speak in tongues and position yourself for achievements and significant exploits. God bless you. #cephzone1 #TheHappyChurch #21DaysOfPnF

To a special mum, so caring, a great achiever.... Happy happy birthday!!!

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