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I Declare that the word of God will grew mightly and prevail over all circumstances in my life. Amen!

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I am a great influence to everyone in my world and I cannot be ignored #mydeclaration

I declare dat d plan of d devil to make my husband to be treating me badly when we reconcile, is hereby destroyed and eliminated


I am working in the SUPERNATURAL, out of the Spirit i birth CHRIST EMBASSY HAWTHORNE....out of it shall issue forth LIFE and SALVATION.....

#mydeclaration I dcl dat I'm ordained, empowered & backed by deity to fill the stadia in the city where I pastor with souls hungry for Jesus

Greater is he that is in Chloe than he that is in world. She's born for the top life

All I see is change everywhere... Thank U Lord for an amazing 21days. The cloud is full and glorious things are happening.

The lord is my restoration My family is restored to the lord , #mydeclaration

#Mydeclaration Jesus Christ is my Lord and saviour, I am favoured & blessed. I am a solution provider.

Eternal life is in my spirit..therefore I cannot fail.Me fail,NEVER#mydeclarationl

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