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The Most Victorious Rev Dr Chris. You are Amazing. We cannot Appreciate you enough & we join the Host of Heaven to celebrate you 💛 #offer7 #blwukzonea #Dec7 #campusministryrocks

The Most Victorious Rev Dr

Happiest of Birthdays Pastor! You are the Voice of Our Generation. The Prophet of Our Times. We love you. We adore you. #offer7 #blwukzonea #Dec7 #campusministryrocks

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TEENAGERS ACROSS EWCAZ4 CELEBRATING OUR MAN OF GOD in soul winning. Happy Birthday Dad #ewcaz4 #lwteensministry #offer7 #dec7

Blessed Pastor Chris! Our Beloved President. Thank you for being our Hero! Thank you for being a success! #offer7 #blwukzonea #Dec7 #campusministryrocks

God has made you a Father of nations, A burning and shinning light, A force that cannot be reckoned with. God bless, multiply and extend your territories to every known and unknown territories, nook and cranny of this world. Happy Birthday Pastor Chris Sir. I love you Sir♥️

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Happy Birthday, Pastor! This one is for you!

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Happy birthday Dad

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