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Jesus is the revelation of all God is. Pst. Benny declares. Full story on LoveWorld News at #ceirrua #anomwithpza

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600👑🌟Followers in the last one week! Glory to God in the Highest! Thanks everyone for telling your contacts about us! Let's get this flight going by increasing our altitude to 5000🌟Followers. Can we hit the 10,000🌟Followers mark by 31st December? I think ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! What? with all that anointing imparted to us at MHIS!! Glory to God! See y'all yonder 5000+🌟Followers to 10,000+🌟Followers!! We Love y'all! Speak Soon!🌏😆☕🕑

Still Celebrating #bevloaded! Thanks for being a great team player. It's upward and forward ever! Shine on!

Mega cell rally....Powerflow Awesome #dobwarrizone #cewarrizone #ippc2016 #pastorchris #mhis #cewzch3 #ceiyara

When you give your best, the testimonies that come, you will need faith to believe it #cesapele #5DaysofhigherGlory #PastorGabriel #ss1vz1

Prosperity is all round blessings. #cesapele #5DaysofhigherGlory #PastorGabriel #ss1vz1

Happy birthday dear Pastor Muyiwa! Keep flying, soaring & spreading! It's a new level!!!!!!!

Jesus is the best

Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. I'm glad to be part of your team. Higher and higher we will go. #HappyBirthdayma #LCC3TEENSCHURCH

"God is about to shake the world with him," Pst. Benny says concerning Rev. Chris Full story on LoveWorld News at

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