De Truth: Happy birthday pastor sir thank on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday pastor sir thank you for honoring the call of God upon your life we love you

Happy birthday pastor sir thank

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE THIS AS DINNER If raw ingredients don't make a ready meal, then soulwinning is not complete until that one you led to salvation has received a copy of Now That You Are Born Again. It is a must for ALL NEW CONVERTS. You can sponsor copies of Now That You Are Born Again to Churches and ministries worldwide, sponsor translations, or even purchase copies for yourself, your cell group and more. The more we win souls, the more copies of this book by our man of God is required. You can send an email to: OR CALL Nigeria: +2348086656533 +2347015831017 +2347015500092 Canada: +1 416-667 -9191 United State: +18006208522 (Freephone) United Kingdom: +44 (0) 1708 556 604 +44 (0) 8001310604 (Free phone) South Africa: +27614153261 #LWPM #NOWTHATYOUAREBORNAGAIN #NOUNFINISHEDBUSINESS

🥳🥳🥳Welcome to Day 14 of WordFest Season 2! Glory to God!!! 🤠🤠 Learn how to walk in the reality of your righteousness by listening/watching today's dynamic message titled "RIGHTEOUSNESS (Part 2)" available for free on PCDL.TV. To participate, kindly use this 👇👇👇👇 link: 👉 Create your avatar and post on your Kingschat timeline. 👉Reachout to others by organizing daily wordfest season 2 viewing centre outreaches. 👉 Spread the word till everyone you know participate. God bless you! #WordFestSeason2 #WatchonPCDLTV #2020YearofPerfection #CELZ5

STILL COUNTING UP 🕺 💃 🕺 💃 🕺 💃 2 DAYS TO GO ❗ ❗ ❗ RHEMA FOR LIFE ~ THE COO "It's not a matter of ability, it's a matter of resolve." ~ Pastor Emeka Eze. #CeLagoszone2 #PastorEmekaEze #PEE22 #Acceleratedgrace #iconofgrace #celebratinggrace #pastoremekaeze2020

#Acceleratedgrace #iconofgrace #celagoszone2 #celebratinggrace #pastoremekaeze2020

Still on wordfest season 2 Day 14 Airing now on Today's message is ; RIGHTEOUSNESS PART 2 Go listen now 🥳🥳🥳 Remember to share this link with your contacts and bless someone today. #ministrycenterabeokuta #wordfest2020season2 #wordfestextravaganza

Enjoy an unlimited access to inspiring daily confessions and testimonies on the HS MOBILE 2.0. Don't be left out! Download NOW @ #hsmobile2point0 #getreloaded #healingtothenations #HealingSchool #hstranslators

Mind set Cameroon total experience #ewcaz4 #bamendagroup #cemutengene

STILL COUNTING UP 🕺 💃 🕺 💃 🕺 💃 2 DAYS TO GO ❗ ❗ ❗ RHEMA FOR LIFE ~ THE COO "It's not a matter of ability, it's a matter of resolve." ~ Pastor Emeka Eze. #CeLagoszone2 #PastorEmekaEze #PEE22 #Acceleratedgrace #iconofgrace #celebratinggrace #pastoremekaeze2020

RHAPSODY OF REALITIES TODAY ~ JESUS IS THE EXPRESS IMAGE OF GOD The Jews understood what Jesus meant when He said, “I and my Father are one.” But they considered His words blasphemous because they didn’t know who He was. Jesus is the perfect image and icon of the Godhead. He’s the expression of God’s glory, and by inheritance, He obtained a more excellent Name in all of heaven and earth. PRAY ▪︎GIVE ▪︎ DISTRIBUTE The Rhapsody Of God PRAYER Dear Lord Jesus, I ascribe to you all glory, honour and majesty. You’re the joy of heaven, and the bright morning star! You’re the beauty of divinity, and the perfect expression of the Father’s person. I worship and adore you precious Saviour, for there’s none like you! May your kingdom reign in the earth, and be established forever in the hearts of all men. Amen #CELVZ #RhapsodyOfRealitiesToday #ReachoutNigeriaFiesta #1MillionRhapsodyOutreaches

#Acceleratedgrace #IconofGrace #CELagosZone2 #CelebratingGrace #PastorEmekaEze2020

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