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πŸ’« DAILY JUICE πŸ’«πŸ₯€ πŸ’« Many of you are constantly being good to people, going out of your way to be a blessing, making sacrifices nobody knows about. πŸ’« Nobody may be saying thank you, nobody may be singing your praises, nobody may be calling your name, but God sees what you’re doing. πŸ’« The scripture says in Matthew 6:4, β€œYour Father, who sees what you give in secret, will reward you in the open". πŸ’« Don't give up. πŸ’« There's no act of kindness that is insignificant. πŸ’« Life is like an echo, whatever we send out invariably comes back to us. Remember, what you make happen for others, God makes happen for you. πŸ’« Reward is far greater than awards. πŸ’« Men give men awards and that's really good and inspiring but the greatest of all is reward which only God gives.

πŸ’« DAILY JUICE πŸ’«πŸ₯€ πŸ’«

Ready form CE Midwest Zone to the rest of the world LOVEWORLD LADIES NETWORK- 24HOUR PRAYER CONFERENCE FEB 19TH - 20TH, 2021 #lln24hoursonlineprayer #loveworldladiesnetwork #lln #cemidwestzone #cesiluko1 #Group 9

Ready form CE Midwest Zone to the rest of the world LOVEWORLD LADIES NETWORK- 24HOUR PRAYER CONFERENCE FEB 19TH - 20TH, 2021 #lln24hoursonlineprayer #loveworldladiesnetwork #lln #cemidwestzone #cesiluko1 #Group 9

Glorious message of the day, Just a breath from the holy spirit sets you up for continual success, you just have to make your spirit available. #WordDrive #Blwcampusministryrocks #Pcdl #blwzonef

PROSPERITY CONVICTIONS I affirm that I am living a life of favour, grace heaped upon grace in my finances. I give from a generous spirit therefore I reap an abundant harvest. Yes, God has overwhelmed me with every form of grace, so that I have more than enough of everythingβ€”every moment and in every way. He makes me to overflow with abundance in every good thing I find my hands to do. My eyes are flooded with light to see every business opportunity presented to me by the Spirit. I am far ahead of my competitors in all my income generating ventures; leading and others are following. Christ in me, the manifestation of glory in my finances. I am the seed of Abraham, an heir of God and a joint heir in Christ. Hallelujah!!! Be part of #ChristEmbassy. Org Online Mission’s work in spreading the gospel all over the internet, Click here πŸ‘‡ to make a donation today Encourage others by sharing this post with them. God bless you.

"Making yourself Valuable with Vision and Discipline" Glory to was an impactful meeting! #ceaz #ceabujazone #graceliveshere #grace

#IRegister 3 days leadership training for teens. Please ensure teens you care about register today> ⚑ Thank you πŸ’• Have a peaceful rest of the day. #Cecanada #Cebramptoneast #itplcinyourcity2021 #Teenscan

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... Always "high" in Holy Ghost With the I CAN DO mentality #PCDLWordDrive #blezoneb #blwcampusministryrocks #A30DayStudy #IAMPreparingWithTheGospel #TheThrivingChurch

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EXCERPTS FROM COMFORTERS GROUP RHAPATHON πŸ‘‰ Your giving is a show of reverence to God. Prove your love for God. πŸ‘‰ Give because you want someone else to be blessed. πŸ‘‰ Outside the benefits of giving, it is our responsibility. #cebeninzone1 #ceerediauwa #rhapathon #RHAPSODY

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