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#3daysoffocus@cebeninzone1 #3daysoffocus@cebeninzone1

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

#yourloveworld We're building the largest Christian network in the world because of the unique message we've been given by God. The demonstration of the Holy Spirit's power is required to convince this generation concerning God. - Pastor Chris #yourloveworld #LoveworldUSA #ceabujazone

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR LOVEWORLD DAY 5 Pastor Chris - "I'm thinking, my first 100 million dollars to give to God. You don't have to have a need to give to God. It should be an excitement, the joy of your life."  FOLLOW THIS SUPERUSER FOR MORE #blwzonej #yourloveworld #pastorchris

MORE HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR LOVEWORLD DAY 5 PASTOR CHRIS... 🚩When God wants to bless his people, He gives them opportunities to sow. 🚩You never have a harvest without a seed. 🚩God had a need and he went out to get it. We were His need; He’s got us and now he rejoices over us to do us good. God will always outgive you. 🚩Learn to respond to Him; for every response to God, your capacity to do more increases. 🚩If you want to have a life where the ministry of the Spirit is without limits, this message is for you. 🚩What do you want to do for the gospel? Sow your seed now. When you become a love-giver, you have come to the place of limitless possiblities. WATCH THE DAY 5 REBROADCAST OF "YOUR LOVEWORLD" ON LOVEWORLD PLUS TODAY! Time : 8AM Nigerian Time www.loveworldplus.tv/watch FOLLOW THIS SUPERUSER FOR MORE #blwzonej #yourloveworld #pastorchris

Updated his profile photo

"Your rewards in life are determine by the kind of problem you solved for others." ~Dr Mike Murdock #Yourloveworld

Yeaaaaahhhhh!!! Doing its my mama's birthday dance!hahaha..Count up! #POSE1511 #BWZONE

We celebrate the esteemed Pastor Louis Osademe and CE EWCA Zone 3 for 100% submission of ITPLC 2017 delegates list. #itplc2017 #blwteens

Watch 📹 as our Our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor #USARegion Rev. Tom Amenkhienan prophesy on “Your LoveWorld” Grand Finale   please Watch, Like, Share and comment on this post. #YourLoveWorld  #USAREGION

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