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#YookosCommunity Nancy & Constantine Tongo (Children - Melody, Rhema, David & Daniel Tongo).

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Odihi Paul (not bone again) Odihi Godwin (not bone again) Odihi Caroline Odihi Williams (not bone again) Odihi Michael (not bone again)

His a man with a kind heart #blessedPNO2018

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR ESTEEMED VIRTUAL ZONAL PASTOR- PST. 'NIYI OLUWOLE-ISAAC. Today is a great Day for our Zone We are Celebrating amazing Personality, God's gift to us and a Blessing from our Man of God. -A Distinct Son of our Man of God. -A Passionate Follower of Our Man of God. -A model of excellence -A teacher -A Father -A limit Breaker -A life Changer -A best Friend -A Pastor -Our Virtual Zonal Pastor. Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. #BlessedPNO2018

#YookosCommunity Pst Edith Ibeneme, Pst Anthony Ibeneme, Mr & MRS Enahoro, Linda & Fidelis Atanya (Children - Divine, Ben & Sam Atanya).

Ogbide John (uncle not bone again) Joel Egwaoje (cousin not bone again ) Eromosele Egwaoje (cousin) Vincent Egwaoje (cousin) Faith Ogbide

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STILL CELEBRATING OUR BELOVED ZONAL PASTOR. Words are not enough to express the impact you are making in our lives. You have continually directed our hearts to the vision of the ministry and today our results speaks of your exemplary leadership. We love you dearly Pastor. Happy birthday Sir #blessedPNO2018

#pastorese2018 Happy Birthday supernatural Pastor Ese Ma, you are indeed a huge blessing and an inspiration to me.I love you Dearly Ma🎂🎁😘😘

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