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WEDNESDAY SERVICE WITH OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED REVEREND TOM AMENKHIENAN. God wants you to expand your world. Never let people who aren't saved pass you by; be confident about what God has made you and preach the gospel. You are Abraham's seed; Abraham expanded his world; he had over 300 servants born in his house. Some of them were warriors......Eliezer of Damascus. Look and live beyond yourself and your immediate family. God is interested in souls. If you don't care much about this, you won't have heaven's attention. There's someone waiting in your world of contact that only you can reach. The angels will not preach the gospel. You are God's voice; speak up. There are many things you don't have to pray for or pay for when you are a soul winner. This is because God takes care of you by His grace. GENESIS 12:1-3; 15:1 When you know that you've been called into a life of blessing, you don't look for any man to help you. You don't also bother about your enemies, because everyone who calls himself your enemy has set himself to go down. ISAIAH 54:7 God Loves you, So have confidence in the love of God, and reciprocate it. Worship with confidence. When you pray, pray with confidence; He's not embarrassed by our requests neither is he nervous about them. #ABUJAZONE BLESSINGS

🎈🎈We do not strive for excellence! We do excellent things as a result of our excellent minds; We've the mind of CHRIST! 🤣🐹🤣 #winasoultoday #givesomeoneslifeameaning #givesomeonealift #wordglance #hesupplies #digdeep #ifollowjesusbumper2bumper #Ipost #isGodtalking #ceabujazone #cedutsemakaranta #cedutsenmak #cedutsemak #ilovejesus #vision400percent #no1soulwinner #loveworldusa #globalsoulwinningday #blwglobalsoulwinningday #cedurumi #angelicvisitationandbliss #idotheword #Iamincreasingby400percent #iretaintheword #vision400 #unstoppablespreadinginalldirections

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HBD Dear PGB! I celebrate resilience, excellence, rugged Faith, love so true; I celebrate you! Thanks for standing with us. I love u always!

Happy flourishing birthday to Dcn Strong. Thank you for being a father to all. Thank you for your love and care. Enjoy your day Sir.

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