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Every unsaved who comes for the Douala miracle crusade will receive salvation. Glory to Jesus!! #prayingnow #DMC2020 #Imapriestinoffice #myyearofperfection #mymonthofKnowledge #ewcaz4 #cameroon #doualagroup #cekm5

Every unsaved who comes for
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Amen Amen Amen

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A new week A new message A new opportunity to acquire knowledge. Hit the follow button for an exciting study of the message of the week everyday of this week.


MY Daily Confessions Monday 16/3/20 #saythiswithme I'M A BUNDLE OF SUCCESS! I'm a bundle of success, and the prosperity of God is in my spirit. I'm rich in gold and in all precious things. I'm what God says I am; therefore, the world is mine. l refuse every judgement or opinion of men that are inconsistent with the revelation of my personality in Christ. l declare that everyday of my life is blessed! I walk in boldness and courage of the Holy Spirit. I refuse to let fear of the unknown rule my life, for Christ is my victory, so l have overcome the world. l will not have sleepless night over any matter, for I am the beloved of the Lord, He gives me sound sleep, l dwell in His rest. And He causes me to deal wisely in the affairs of life. I declare that my life is fruitful and productive. I'm prospering and excelling in everything because the Lord is my delight. Hallelujah! Download Cetunes mobile App on any of the links 👇below, use the word 'excellence' as reference code to enjoy unrestricted access to Pastor Chris Teaching daily. Downloadable here 👇 Android iOS

Every unsaved person who comes for the Douala Miracle Crusade receives salvation. Allelluiaaa !!!#prayingnow #DMC2020 #Iamapriestinoffice #myyearofperfection #mymonthofKnowledge #ewcaz4 #cameroon #doualagroup #cekm5

For the rest of 2020 we are witnesssing unprecedented growth in our churches as everyone becomes very committed. #prayingnow #DMC2020 #Imapriestinoffice #myyearofperfection #mymonthofKnowledge #ewcaz4 #cameroon #doualagroup #cekm5

DID YOU miss The Advantage Conference Ibadan? Dont feel bad 🙁🙁because there's Great news!!!😊😊😊 Get ready to attend THE ADVANTAGE CONFERENCE ABEOKUTA 💃💃 #TACABEOKUTA #LGNRULES

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Kensington teens church is now more than just a church, but a home and great family. Being in church has become so easy for these kids. #cesazone2

Alléluia toute personne non sauvée assistant au programme reçoit le salut. #prayingnow #DMC2020 #Imapriestinoffice #myyearofperfection #mymonthofKnowledge #ewcaz4 #cameroon #doualagroup #cekm5

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