Sister Claire Bello: Happy birthday Esteemed pastor sir! on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Esteemed pastor sir! Thank you for loving God and not only loving Him, also loving all those that are connected to you... I love you dearly sir!

Happy birthday Esteemed pastor sir!

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Happy birthday to you Esteemed Pastor Sir. You are a great man of Influence. Thanks for inspiring us with your humility and excellence in the ministry. Above all, thanks for being a great son of our Dad. I love you. We are really having the best of you at the CGI training in CEAZ

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Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Sir. Sir, to say you’re exceptional is still an understatement. Thank you Sir for your infectious passion and most inspiring leadership in the Gospel and followership of our Man of God. Thank you Sir for loving and serving our Man of God, the exceptional way you do. We love and appreciate you most dearly Sir. #ewcaz2

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