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Strange soulwinning encounters Several years ago in East London here in the United Kingdom while on evangelism distributing flyers for our Church, we saw a man walking down the street, laughing and talking raucously with his face flushed red while holding a bottle of alcohol in his hand. We decided to preach to him as we had not met any other potential converts during this Saturday afternoon evangelism exercise. As we began to preach to him, he stood there legs spread in an attempt to balance himself (unsuccessfully I might add) and paying us as much attention as he could while occasionally swigging from his bottle. As we began to share the gospel with him, a lady living in one of a set of flats by the road came out of her front door and yelled out at us, Yes, please preach to him. He needs it. He drinks too much. On enquiry, It turned out that he lived a little further down the road from her and she had known him for a long time to have been constantly sozzled with Alcohol. With this external encouragement, my zeal to preach was increased and as I spoke of Salvation, Jesus and the world to come, the man made it clear that he was loving the message but that he could not really give his life to Christ as Alcohol had too much of a hold on him. To me that was a perfect opening and I promptly asked, do you want to be free of alcohol? to which, not knowing what he was in for, promptly said yerrrsssh. Immediately I laid hands on him while the lady still standing by her door with one of her kids looked on and I said, In the name of Jesus, your body will no longer be able to tolerate alcohol. You will no longer be able to drink it as even the taste will be abhorrent to you. Immediately, his eyes that had been so unfocused due to drunkenness began to focus and he said to me, what did you do? I replied, I have prayed for you to be free of alcohol. At that statement he stepped back from me, put the bottle to his lips for another swig and then with a look of incredulity on his face, spat out what was in his mouth and shouted, arrrgggh, it tastes bad. He tried again to drink but his whole system could not accept the drink and he spat it out again shouting. What's happening?, I can't stand the taste. It's disgusting. With that miracle, I felt a street crusade was in the offing and as I took a deep breath ready to launch into my gospelic oratory production, the lady at her door screamed, what have you done to him? I replied, I helped him to stop drinking so he can hear the gospel. To my amazement she screamed again and shouted, noooo, why did you do that....look at him, he can't drink anymore. Why did you do that to him? In my mind I thought, Huh????, I thought you wanted me to preach to him!!!!!!!!!! I did turn back to look at him as he kept trying to drink and couldn't and finally he smashed the bottle on the road in a fit of perplexity. He was now ready to listen but the lady retreated into her house shouting that she didn't know that would happen to him when we prayed and she was scared to listen to what we had to say. We tried to entreat her to open her door to the good news of the gospel but she refused to come out. However, we had a NOW sober recipient for our message and we went on to preach to the man to lead him to salvation. The point I want to make however is that things don't always happen smoothly when we reach out to the lost but it's all part of our training as ministers. I remember the first time I and my best friend at the time (Bro George M) in Christ Embassy Airport road in Benin City, Nigeria, inspired by the effortless demonstrations of healings and casting out of Demons by our Pastor at the time, the highly esteemed Rev Tom Amekhienan decided to go out on evangelism. We prayed, listened to messages and with eyes afire, headed out to look for a suitable target for our evangelistic zeal. When we got to the centre of the town, called ring road by the locals, we met a man who was to all intents and purposes, a mad man. This was a deduction we made from the fact that he was clothed in rags, was wearing on his feet the shredded remnants of leather sandals that must have been fashioned at the time the Scottish explorer Mungo Park was discovering the source of the River Niger (read your history books), and was shambling along the road in a manner not conducive to public propriety or effective linear perambulation. Apart from that, he was clutching a small coconut in his hands like it was a million dollars. That was his only luggage I might add. This was our chance. Visions of us commanding Devils to leave him filled my mind and we stationed ourselves in front of him like Angels of war. When he shambled from his multi vector locomotive attempts to a stop in front of us, his ribs partly visible through his shredded shirt, we began to preach to him. As this time we noticed people walking and driving past were giving us funny looks, obviously wondering what these two young men were doing talking to an obviously mad man but we were fired up with the zeal and confidence of soul winners. As we preached, the man was obviously moved by our message about giving his life to Jesus and offered us his Coconut. Now I must say that we appreciated the gesture, but the fact was that since we started our mission as soul winners and not Nut winners, we knew we were not out to win Coconuts, Hazelnuts, Groundnuts or any other kind of Nuts, that would have made us Nutcases. We wanted to win his soul and have the man OFFER his life to Jesus so we kindly declined the alternative to his soul and continued our message. Finally, We asked him, would you like to give your life to Christ and he said yes. I and my friend jumped on the inside with joy and I began to lead him in the sinners prayer to which he began to respond, then we got to a certain point in the prayer and the following dialog ensued. Me: Say, Jesus is Lord of my life. Man: Jesus is Lord of OUR lives. I paused at this point and said, Me: No, not OUR... Say, Jesus is Lord of my life!!! He dutifully obliged and said, Man: Jesus is Lord of OUR lives. Me: Say MY Man: MY Me: Ok, good. Now say, Jesus is Lord of MY life!!!! Man: Jesus is Lord of OUR lives!!!! Me: MY Life Man: OUR Lives George: MY Man: OUR Me: MY Man: OUR Kabayo??????!!!!! At this point in the debate, the situation was getting beyond our meagre experience in these matters but where we lacked knowledge we had Zeal, so we began to speak in tongues over him at which time we were starting to get more funny looks from the public passing by. This didn't help our stress levels but we did our best to ignore the pressure and public performance anxiety and commanded the Devils holding him bound to leave him. Finally we led him again in the sinners prayer and he declared, Jesus is Lord of my life. Relieved that it was over, I remember that we gave him a flyer, told him where the church was, invited him to service and then left, exhausted by our first evangelical excursion but relieved we tried out our faith. The moral of the Story Walking by faith is like walking on the water. You cannot develop in spiritual things just by Study. You have to step out of the boat and act on the word. Our Man of God Pastor Chris always tells us that the word is for doing. Not just for reading or memorising. I have met people who know all the theories of Soulwinning but yet don't know what it's like to lead a soul to Christ. When you start winning Souls you may make mistakes, you may not know what to do in certain instances or meet people who would try to argue you to a standstill but don't let that stop you. Keep listening to the messages of our ministry and practicing your faith. One day you will find that you are a master soul winner. I would recommend everyone to purchase and listen to the message. The Master Soul Winner by our Man of God Pastor Chris. It is a divine expose on the heart of the father regarding the lost and would equip you to win souls in any environment and under all circumstances. See you at Kingmaker Conference. Faith is the victory. God bless you. 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Strange soulwinning encounters Several years Strange soulwinning encounters Several years

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