Guiateu Epse Oyoko Louise: Nous Célébrons la joie,la disponibilité,l'efficaci on KingsChat Web

Nous Célébrons la joie,la disponibilité,l'efficacité,l'amour ton engagement et tous ce que tu fais dans la maison de dieu.HBD nous t'aimons.

Nous Célébrons la joie,la disponibilité,l'efficaci

THE MONTH OF APRIL IS THE MONTH OF INFLUENCE - AMEN!!! - We will only be influenced by the Holy Spirit and the word of the Lord - Amen!!! - Each of you will be an influencer - Amen!!! - Everywhere you go, you are going to experience divine wisdom in everything you do - Amen!!! - You will be a vent for God’s divine wisdom - Amen!!! - The counsel that will come from you will be from the mouth of God - Amen!!! - God is going to use you this month to do remarkable things - Amen!!! - The Holy Spirit is going to work through you - Amen!!! Hallelujah - Amen!!!

Grateful for all he has done for me. Special ..... God is mindful of me. #Celebrating me.

Happy birthday to a mighty Man of God and influencer for the kingdom. Christian you are a supernatural wonder to your generation. 🙌🙌I ❤you

Updated his profile photo

Happy birthday Pastor Daba . I love you ❤️

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo


The glory of his presence with the highly esteemed Pastor Afolabi Oketunji was something to shout about.Many gave their hearts to the Lord.

What awesome weekend good Friday was out of this world it was Supernatural blessing 👌#cebramptonwest #CECANADA #EASTER.

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