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#wordfest2 #pcdl #celz5 #proclamations #affirmations

#wordfest2 #pcdl #celz5 #proclamations #affirmat

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MY AFFIRMATIONS OF TRUTH #CEMCAbuja Wednesday, 21st October 2020 I know who I am! I am a success! Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. I am the light of the world; a solution bringer, a problem solver. Nothing is too hard for me to solve. I dissolve doubts. The Word of God on my lips is God talking. I am an answer to the cries of millions! I will never be defeated in this world; never! I am going to live my life to be all that Jesus died to produce. Jesus Christ died for me; I'll never be weak; I'll never let sickness ravage my body; I'll never be broke; I'll never be unhappy in my life. I'll forever show my gratitude to the Lord, by living His dream for me. The life of victory in Christ is mine! I live in victory! I win everyday! I am always full of joy; and nothing can take that from me. I am full of love; I walk in righteousness and prosperity. Goodness and mercy follow me every day of my life. All things work together for my good. I cannot be disadvantaged. I am the seed of Abraham. The seed of Abraham does not fail. The world is mine! I've got the mindset of the righteous! I'm a king! I walk in the Spirit; I do things by the Spirit; I live according to the Spirit. I practise the Word; I put it to work in my life, and it never fails. My fellowship with the Holy Spirit puts me over in life. I function in my office as a priest of God. I have a ministry of intercession, and I occupy my office, changing lives, and causing the will of God to prevail in my world. I'm a worker together with God - a co-labourer with God, in His harvest. I am a soul winner; I'm a life builder; I'm a world changer! People respond to me; they do what I say; they receive the Word of God on my lips, because the anointing is on me. Everywhere I go today and everyday, souls are drawn to me! I have abundant opportunities to impact men with the gospel, for the Lord has granted me utterance and opportunity in my world. I declare that today, I am recovering souls; I am winning many, and by God's Spirit, they are established in righteousness and in the Ministry. My evangelical results are eternal! My fruits abide. GLORY TO GOD! #myproclamations #myaffirmationsoftruth #mymonthofproclamations

#wordfest2 #myproclamations ...I am as valuable to God as Jesus is...I am called to High Honor🥳🤗💃 ...I am the eternal return on God's investment of His Son Jesus...Nothing & No one has enough capacity to put me down 😉🕺💯I king in life cos I kayalamboed gift of righteousness

#myproclamations - The killings in Nigeria should stop - The shedding of Innocent blood should stop - All wicked, unreasonable, cruel leaders in Nigeria government is completely cut off - There is peace in Nigeria -Nigeria is safe for all citizens -New Government in Nigeria

💥 HIGHLIGHTS: A NIGHT OF PRAYER & PROPHECY RELOADED💥 We'll be back again this friday for another awesome time! It's set to be a transformative time in the presence of God! You do not want to miss it for anything!! #BLWUKZONEB #AllNightPrayer #campusministryrocks

happy glorious birthday Highly Esteemed Mother , Pastor ma , thank you for your unwavering commitment to the work of the ministry, and impacting us with so many spiritual gift, for loving me the way you do , I am eternally grateful to God for you ma. #cephzone2 #cecitygrp

Join us pray Specifically for Nigeria;. Of Faith, Intercession, Agreement and Thanksgiving to God, Really Sad happenings #HealourNation#Healeveryheart

#7specialalnightservices #5thEdition #Friday23rdOctober #CeAccraGhanaZone

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