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My girl is FIFTY !!! Some things are hard to forget. As we walked into that wedding reception at the Unilag Senior Staff Club, I looked again at my companion and thought to myself: "only God could've made this choice for me". She looked like a million dollars, and even in my oversized linen caftan ( I borrowed it from my elder brother), I felt like the proud owner of the million dollars! Then the unexpected happened! When that young man walked up to us, eyes glowing with excitement, I thought he was coming to usher us to our table, not at all. All I got was a cursory glance before he turned his attention again to my fiancé, and now his face was a mixture of surprise and a crooked smile. I looked at my fiancé as she struggled to recognise the young man. Just then he shouted, " ōmō oni bread!" (the bread seller). He recognised her as the young girl who grew up hawking bread and brooms around Bariga, Lagos. He shouted it so loud she felt like disappearing from the scene. In utter embarrassment, she turned to me and held my hand as though she owed me some explanation. My grip and smile were reassuring. Even as she hawked bread on the streets, her education was topmost on her mind. She had a big dream and a bigger determination that no humble beginning could hinder. Today, ōmō oni bread has since become "iyawo oloye"!, the lion's bride, a minister of the gospel, a flourishing entrepreneur, a university graduate and mother of four brilliant intellectuals. Today, as you hit the golden age, we celebrate a dream fulfilled, a woman of determination and strength. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Deaconess Jane !!!

My girl is FIFTY !!!
Pastor Myrriam Mokwena


Happy birthday Deaconess ma. Yours is a story of God's grace.



Happy birthday dear deacons.have the best day with the family God bless 🙏

Dcns Ethel Degui


Happy Birthday Ma, Thank you for your labour of love to the Gospel. I believe that every great man like Deacon Buchi there is always been a prayerful woman👏👏

Ce Peckham Group Church


Happy Birthday Deaconess Jane......

Dcns Aramide Johnson


What a great and inspiring testimony. Happy Happy Lit up Birthday to a glorious wonderful Dcns. Enjoy your special golden jubilee. Keep kinging 👑 Super ⭐️ 1

Pastor Bimpe


Happy Lit Up Birthday to an amazing friend, keep shining Dcns Jane💋

Nikki D. Ngadaonye


Amazing and inspiring story! Our God is kind and gracious. Happy birthday Dcns ma. It's from glory to glory.

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Salvation & Healing come to many through the Miracle & Healing Service at CE Dagenham UK ZONE3.

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Thank u Lord for loving me and making me the expression of your love to my world... #cewzone #sixtydaysofhavest

PHOTOSPEAK: CE Dagenham CE UK ZONE 3's Miracle & Healing Service

Still celebrating our lovely Sisters. HBD Sis Agnes. Taiwo, Kenny and Dora. You're highly celebrated. God bless you and lift you greatly.


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