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What a night it'll Be! An unforgettable night with Our Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Linda Okocha. You don't want to miss REGIONAL PRAYER RALLY!!! Save the date!!!! #SSVZ2

What a night it'll Be!



PUNCH 👊👊👊 TAKING CHARGE Tolu Alabi 1. Degree in the bag (check); First Class (check); Parents happy (double check). 2. It’s been 2 months since you threw your cap up in the air, bright eyed and full of ideas. You marched triumphantly off campus for the last time, clutching tightly to the precious piece of paper you’d worked four years to earn. You’d prayed and fasted your way through final year, interviewed and interned at every organisation that would let you through the front door, drawn up your five-year plans but still, somehow, you’ve found yourself here, in your parent’s house, rolling out of bed at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, wondering where the months have gone. 3. Nothing has gone to plan. You've spent the evenings scrolling through your friends’ exciting new lives on Instagram and you just can’t relate. The jobs you thought you'd secured didn’t quite come through, or they did, but they were nothing like you’d hoped. The ideas you thought were going to change the world are still there, but you’re still trying to figure out how to change your own life. #punchByToluAlabi #ceAbeokutaMC #spiritualsense #realrealities

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PUNCH 👊👊👊 (Taking Charge) 4. You’ve prayed, but mostly with a question mark, as you wonder what sign you missed or where you went wrong. Surely, this can’t be what God planned for you? Or is it? 5. Well, the good news is, it’s NOT. Sometimes, when things don’t seem to be moving the way you’d hoped they would and you’re feeling unsure about the next step, it’s easy to feel like God’s seated in Heaven, too, wondering what to do about your case. 6. But the reality couldn’t be more different! The Lord, really, mapped out your life from the beginning of time and in his playbook, it’s one step of glory to the next. He, really has, put everything perfectly in place before He brought you on the scene: Every person you'll meet; Every place you’ll go; Every experience you would ever have; Every good work you would ever do... All of it was predestined by your Father: #punchByToluAlabi #ceAbeokutaMC #spiritualsense #realrealities

Daily Faith Confession with Pastor Chris-August 2 2018 I am an offspring of God, recreated in Christ Jesus. I do not get sick, for I belong to the God class; because as He is, so I am in this world. Hallelujah! #Supernatural 👉 Special gift

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