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Happy Birthday Mummy. You are looking ever so sweet & young; may the Lord always put a smile on you. Have a glorious day mummy. I love you!

Happy Birthday Mummy. You are

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updated her profile photo

#BUILD UP #31st Night Service #The Lord has been faithful #Reverend Doctor Chris Oyakhilome #Jesus Reigns and Rules #Orlando Stadium RSA

TODAY IS THE DAY!!! In few hours time, we will be ushered into the year 2017!!! Attending the Global New Year's Eve Service with our Man of God, Pastor Chris is the best way to start the year. This global event promises the be a night of fresh beginnings. New destinies will be created and new pages will be opened as we will be transported to yet another higher and more glorious realms of revelations. Ensure you and your loved ones register to attend the event. REGISTRATION IS FREE!!! Click on this link to register and get your FREE E-TICKET ID if you are yet to do so.  THIS IS THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT TO SET 2017 ON COURSE. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY FOR ANYTHING!

Happy birthday my dearest mother! Thank you Ma for being so kind and fun to be with. Thank you for loving me and my family. I love you Ma 💞

A big happy Birthday to you Sis Monalisa, you are indeed a blessing to CE Harare CBD #HarareCBD #31DecemberService #HappyBirthday

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Eido~ awareness It's like the light has been turned on in a room and you become aware of what's in the room #3KindsOfKnowledge #NewYearsEve

Happy birthday dear sister Tinu. You indeed, are a superstar and the world ain't seen nothing yet! Keep winning, I love you 😘

TIME TO SAY THANK YOU. Jesus said, "...the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are Life." John 6 : 64. Today, as a team we want to let the whole world know that the words we bring to you (in written form), are spirit and they are life. These words are powerful and sharper than any two edge sword. Glory to God! We are so grateful to God for the opportunity He has given unto us to be a blessing to others and also to ourselves. There's so much to celebrate about the unique platform and opportunities that God has given unto us but first we will like to say a big thank you to Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, a man whose teaching and grace has affected the way we talk and view life. Pastor you are a champion and out of you we were born. We started out in March 7, 2016 and till date, the zeal and passion to do more is still burning on the inside of us. Thank you so much Pastor, for all you do to ensure the gospel get to the ends of the earth. As a team we are following after you! We also want to specially thank Bro JerryDan of CE Russia for the idea and immerse contributions to the work we do on a daily basis. Thank you so much sir for standing tall to this divine idea. Many thanks to Pastor Nnamdi Odimegwu of CE Russia, Deaconess Gracetiti Fredson of CE Lagos Zone 5, Pastor Theophilos Egbujor of CE Guinea Conakry, Bro Collins Dele of CE Accra Ghana, Sis Mary Egbor of CE Benin, Sis Maurie of CE Abuja. Though eyes may not have seen the deep things you do to ensure we have this material regularly, the God who sees and knows all you do privately will reward everyone of you openly. Thank you so much for all you do for Jesus! We will never forget all our outstanding editors and translators, presenters, video directors and editors who have helped us reach many lives for Jesus. We love every single one of you. Thank you for the sacrifice you put in to ensure the material is out on a daily basis. We will never forget to commend all those following us on all the social media platforms, those that share the material with their love ones, colleagues, walls and those that comment and like etc., we truly appreciate and love every one of you. 2016 was a test run period for us. In 2017, by the power of the Spirit, we will penetrate many more nations and bring more people into the Kingdom. #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN - Taking God's divine presence into every man's world through the social media platforms. YOU CAN REACH THE AFFIRMATION TRAIN TEAM ON: Sign-up to Kingschat to follow our Super User Page. God bless you. #Thanksgiving

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