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Expectations are rising for the highly anticipated QUANTUM LEAP! A Business Seminar like no other. Be there! #QUANTUMLEAP #ceukvzone4

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Every vision is at the mercy of its pursuit, I'm running with the Vision of the spirit of God for my life!! #DOBcebristol #DOBceukvzone4

#nobbeninzone3prayerrally #Nightofblissbeninzone3

All things are working together for my good. Glory !!!!!! .#cewarrizone, #ceudumurhie, #trailblazerscell


https://kingsch.at/p/ek86zhk #celagoszone4

My God is too Good!!! #nightofblissbeninzone3 #NOBbeninzone3PRAYERRALLY

I am Christ like..NoBo #nobbeninzone3prayerrally #Nightofblissbeninzone3

You've been a mighty 'HELPER OF THE WAR'. You've been a 'DEPENDABLE BARNABAS'. Therefore, we are so glad to celebrate a SPECIAL personality like yourself. Thank you for all you do for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of our Man of God. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO KPOWBIE ANYENAM. We love you dearly sir.

Come and swim in the rivers of living water! #cebristol #ceukvz4

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