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Every word you speak burns into the ears, hearts and spirits of the listeners. Youre ever full of the Word that transmits love, passion, faith and victory. You lead the USA to the mountain top and equip us for victory. Sir I love you! #BLWUSAGroup2 #CMLovesPC4ever #PEECEE25 #PC25

Every word you speak burns
Pastor Benson avin izola


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Am very ready

Happy birthday Esteemed Deaconess Stella Fombo. You are highly loved and appreciated. Thank you so much for loving the lord so passionately . Thank you for your commitment to ministry and our precious Cephz3. It is grace upon grace for you as you celebrate.

I'm ready 💃 #Rhapsodyonlineprayerconference #SAzone2 #CEdurbangroup

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