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Still celebrating you, Dear Pastor Chioma. Thanks for all you do in ministry, and for being so pleasant. Enjoy a great year full of extraordinary blessings. I love you.

Still celebrating you, Dear Pastor

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#loveworldchildrensministry #childrenschurchrocks

Happy Birthday Dear Pastor. Your walk of faith speaks loud. Thank you for all you do for the Lord and for inspiring so many, including me, in selfless service. I love you sir.

Rhapsody of Realities M - 13 E

Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Ma. I celebrate your outstanding life of passion, commitment, excellence, faith, extraordinary results and impact in ministry. You truly inspire in every way. Thank you for your heart of love and being ever so kind to me. I love you very dearly ma.

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I am registered and ready

The Life of The Saints Thru My Lens After the regeneration, The sense and awareness of eternal life, the understanding of eternal life sets in, fearlessness became the norm, of things past present & future, they are all under my charge. Life, love and immortality are woven into the fabric of my personality. What a life! What a life this is! Closed doors, walls or gates were no longer a barrier, who can contain the wind? Or restrict the one who has The Resurrection Life. Who can contend with the mighty? Fear is not for the gods. He has said ye are gods" and i had completely emptied out any sense of danger, i have no sense of danger - this life is a life of dominion.Eternal Life cannot be bound. What?! The organic substance of Deity Love is the language l, Righteousness is the nature. Righteousness is no longer just a legality/positional, it's a vital reality, an experience, a participation in the divine life of the saints. Hope has been realized, PerfectionAndExcellence are the outworkings of this life. REJOICE! Levitate with joy! For Life and immortality have come to light thru the Gospel. #TheLifeOfTheSaints💫 #TheAbsoluteLife #higherlife #EternalLife

Happy Birthday Dear Bro Sam aka Sunshine. You really shine like the sun. Thank you for being an amazing blessing to Pastor, to us and the body of Christ. We love and appreciate you so dearly for all you do.

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